A1 Fire Rating

A1 Fire Rated Insulation

In order to be rated as safe to use by Building Regulations and Government Oversight, our insulating products require multiple fire safety certifications. There are two British Standard Tests and three Fire ratings which will be explained below:

British Standard Tests

1. BS 476 part 6: Fire Propagation

2. BS 476 part 7: Surface Spread of Flame

Class 1 Fire Rating

The Class 1 fire rating is a British Standard Classification system measuring how quickly a flame will spread on a given product (flame spread index) and how much smoke it will give off when burning (smoke development index). These numbers must meet the Class 1 criteria in order to achieve the certification. The BS 476 part 7 is used for this.

Class 0 Fire Rating

The Class 0 rating is a Building Regulations rating, similar but not directly connected to Class 1. In order to certify Class 0, a product sample must achieve Class 1 but also achieve the fire propagation requirements of BS476 part 6. Because of this, a sample can be both Class 1 and Class 0 (shown as Class 1/0).

BS EN 13501-1 Classification

The BS EN 13501-1 classification is generally considered to be the highest quality classification, and comprises of three ratings: 1. Euroclass Fire Rating – How combustible is your product, rated from class A1 (non-combustible) down to class F (easily flammable) 2. Smoke Emission Rating – How much smoke does your product emit once it is burning, rated from s1 to s3, lowest to highest. 3. Production of Flaming Particles/Droplets Rating – does your product emit dangerous droplets/particles while burning, measured from d0 to d2, lowest to highest. Note that the complete classification of a product is based on the A1 – F rating, and the other ratings tend to follow suit. If the material is measured as A1 class, it will not have an s or d rating as the non-combustible material simply won’t produce any smoke or droplets; a high-quality material worth considering for any insulation project. Alternate Fire Rated Insulation There are several other accepted forms of fire rated insulation: • Promat fire resistant board – class 0 • Gyproc plasterboard – class 0 • Boards made by Rockwool, Knauf, SuperFOIL and additional Gyproc types – class 1 What is a Class A1 Fire Rating Class A1 is non-combustible and has no contribution to fire. Have you heard the below information? A lot of people don’t know that the classification system defined in BS EN 13501-1 is very swiftly now becoming recognised primary standard in the construction services industry. When it comes to the process of classification, the standard consults of up to 5 tests. The tests have been put together to assess the product range on the following, including heat levels, flame spread and smoke release. Once tested, the product receives an official classification of its fire rating, known as a Euroclass rating. Also, a product could be given the description non-combustible on the condition it receives a Euroclass A1 rating, very interesting!

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