EQUITONE Linea is a 3-dimensional cladding material designed with aesthetic in mind. The front facing has raised and dipped sections in the material that distort light, and as a result what you see and experience changes depending on your viewpoint.
Further, as lighting and shadow changes, either through the passing of time or changing electrical sources, the effect that the light has on the cladding also changes, producing textures and patterns that alter from moment to moment, creating new aspects that will surely enhance the look and feel of your building.

Created using fibre cement material, EQUITONE linea has a consistent colour and texture, held strong and rigid so that the lighting effects can be most clearly observed. Due to the nature of the material used in production, each panel has a fully unique texture, as the fibres used set in different patterns each time. EQUITONE is known as a ‘through-coloured facade material’, each snapshot of the day, the changing point of the sunlight gives the facade material an alternate angle. EQUITONE Linea is an extraordinary 3D molded, through-hued veneer material that plays with light and shadow.

EQUITONE Linea Features

• Strong, rigid Equitone Linea panels
• Cost-effective Equitone Linea manufacture
• Equitone Fire Classification A2-s1,d0
• Provides quality Equitone Linea insulation in all seasons
• Resilient against extreme temperatures, moisture, moulds and sound
• Frost resistant Equitone Linea
• Rot-free Equitone Linea
• Environmentally safe, with no harmful emissions
• A transparent coating guards the material for a consistent appearance
• Quick and easy installation and maintenance
• Secret Fix is available so that the effect of your cladding is continuous, without any additional fixtures in view
• 50-year life expectancy Equitone Linea
• Expert fibre cement finish

EQUITONE Linea Material Types and Sizing

EQUITONE linea is currently available in three colours:
1. Pebble
2. Chalk
3. Hessian
The additional colour options create further divergences in the aesthetic as light plays with each colour in its own unique way.
EQUITONE linea panels are 10mm thick, have a specific ridged finish, and can be ordered in two panel sizes:
1. 3050mm x 1220mm
2. 2500mm x 1220mm


EQUITONE is a sub-division of Etex, a global provider of fibre cement materials for over 100 years. One of their newest and most successful materials in production is EQUITONE, the fibre cement cladding described here. Each piece of cladding manufactured is texturally unique due to the process, and is produced and stylised into many forms, including the 3d ridged structure. Production is based in Germany and Belgium, making for easy access to the UK.

This is tempting for businesses and individuals with quality and sustainability in mind. Other EQUITONE products include Natura, Textura, and Pictura. Each cladding type has its own unique attraction, but they all use the same high-quality materials. Essnetially, EQUITONE Linea has a linear surface that shows the raw inner texture of the core fibre cement material.

About Us & How We Can Help You With EQUITONE Linea & Facade Material

C and L External provides the UK with multiple variations of rainscreen cladding from manufacturers such as Marley Eternit, EQUITONE and Prodema. Each panel offered is chosen with quality, safety, efficiency and aesthetic in mind, so that our Equitone customers can get the best options for their projects.

C and L External focuses on delivering great value for its Equitone customers. We work in close contact from start to finish to provide high quality Equitone panel solutions at the lowest costings.

C and L External will plan and execute each part of the process, meaning we are with you through the full Equitone project. This working guarantee is in line with our customer-focused mindset, because C and L External knows that aesthetic is of paramount importance in many Equitone projects, and so we endeavour to supply panels with eye-catching and thought-provoking elements, that a dedicated designer could do great and varied things with. The aesthetic is complimented by our focus on great precision and detail in our manufacturing and shaping processes, aided by AI driven software and the latest in laser-guided cutting technology.

Your Local EQUITONE Linea & Facade Material Providers

C and L External is a leading UK distributor of EQUITONE Linea, providing panels from multiple highly regarded manufacturers including Trespa, Parklex, Rockwool, Marley Eternit, EQUITONE and Prodema.

High Quality, Low Pricing for EQUITONE Linea & Facade Material

C and L External is dedicated to providing high value for their Euqitone Linea customers. To achieve this, we work in close contact with you to provide the finest quality cladding at the lowest possible price. Each order is carefully planned and executed, with a focus on cost-effectiveness and efficiency. In each project we look to provide exact materials with minimal wastage, to achieve our goals of a high-quality customer-experience and a sustainable project that fits our standards.

Quick and Quality Response regarding your EQUITONE Linea & Facade Material enquries

C and L External puts great effort into creating a top-tier Equitone Linea experience for every customer. That means timely service provided by our Equitone Linea experts that can answer any question regarding Equitone Linea products reliably. Our materials are excellent, and our delivery is painstaking and perfected.

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