House Cladding Kent

Need House Cladding in Kent?

Our durable and effective cladding will make a great difference for your home. Here at C & L External, we provide a range of options of house cladding Kent residents love. All the house cladding we supply is either cement based or made from top quality uPVC, and we have a vast array of colours. The house cladding we provide has been created to look like real painted or stained wood.

You might go down the path of installing timber cladding to your own house but doing so is much more expensive than using our cladding, and wood is more vulnerable to moisture and damage due to water exposure. We guarantee that the cladding you source from us will be as good-looking as wood but will require far fewer repairs and less upkeep. We provide the best house cladding Kent can offer, let us show you!

Fibre-Cement Weatherboard Installation for House Cladding

Fibre-cement weatherboard cladding is long-lasting and highly-durable and provides a spectacular aesthetic finish. With an option in between overlapping or flush finishes and a large variety of natural or painted colours available, all designs of property are matched to fibre-cement cladding.

Fibre-cement weatherboard cladding is a great option for customers who are looking for durability and long service life. Options include either overlapping or flush finishes so that whatever style you want, we can accommodate it. With the right design and team, any type of structure can benefit from this type of product.

You should think about having a fibre-cement cladding system set up if your house or business properties is looking worn down or you would like to minimize your external upkeep concerns. Not only will house cladding lead to an outstanding aesthetic finish that will last for years, but also it will also help to mitigate moisture effects on your house, protect against insects and vermin, and shield your home from the elements.

Our House Cladding Kent Services

We provide a full house cladding service with all associated woodwork and construction included. Our team is comprised of experts in the house cladding industry. We encourage you to contact us today if you have any interest or questions about our products, team, or services! We firmly believe that we will provide you with the best products, service, and expertise available in the Kent region.

High-quality House Cladding in Kent

At C & L External, we supply and install high-quality house cladding throughout Kent. Our group is greatly knowledgeable having completed lots of cladding installations in the past.

We only use the best installation strategies and you can be assured that if you pick us for your cladding needs, we will offer fantastic service at an affordable price. We are the best choice of all the competition. To get more information about our cladding services in Kent in addition to the options that are available for you and your home, just pick up the phone and give us a call. We would be happy to help!

About C & L External Ltd.

C & L External Ltd. is a UK based house cladding business whose founder has decades of experience in this field. We offer the highest quality products, alongside committed, and qualified setup teams with years of experience that our clients rave about.

We source our panels from highly esteemed manufacturers like EuroForm, Valcan, WeatherClad, Rockpanel, Genius Facades, Equitone and Plastestrip FastFrame. Fascias and soffits are very particular panels that need expert design, cutting, fitting and upkeep, and C & L External wants to be there every step of the way to make your project a success. 

Our customer service is second to none. Our results are excellent and reflect the house cladding Kent residents are so pleased with. We focus on price and performance to give you the best value for the best outcome. Our final products will increase your home’s heat efficiency, your comfort, and your peace of mind.

House Cladding Kent Suppliers

C & L External prides itself on maintaining highest quality house cladding in Kent. We do this by taking advantage of our relationships with reputable suppliers and drawing from the knowledge our team members have gained in the industry over the years. We are renowned for the quality materials we supply to our consumers. Every product we sell passes careful testing for resistance to fire, noise, physical impact, weather, and water damage. We sell only the best.

House Cladding Kent Residents Recommend

Is your wood cladding looking old and worn out? Does your brickwork look too plain? We can completely transform the look of your home or structure with our house cladding! We offer a wide range of products and designs, and can even customise in most cases for unique structures and spaces. You can choose from overlapping or flush edges and between a wide variety of modern or natural looking paints and wood stains. Our modern materials are nearly maintenance free, and we always recommend you look for a Class A Fire Performance Rating.

High-Quality House Cladding Kent

C & L External is dedicated to supplying high value for our clients. To accomplish this, we operate in close contact with you to supply the finest quality house cladding Kent dwellers can find at the lowest possible price. Each order is thoroughly prepared and performed. We pay particular attention to fine detail, cost efficiency, and product effectiveness. In each project we want to supply perfect products and minimise wasted materials. We do our utmost to keep negative impacts on the environment to a bare minimum.

Get in Touch

At C & L External Ltd. We put our fullest effort into ensuring that our customers are always satisfied. That means we provide prompt service, arrive on time, are polite in person and over the phone, and are happy to answer any questions regarding our services. Our professional team takes pride in the quality of their work, and our suppliers provide only the best materials. Contact our house cladding Kent group today with any inquiries you might have!