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Who are Marley Eternit?

Marley Eternit fibre cement cladding systems supply multiple lines of cladding design throughout multiple industries, focused on design aesthetic and high quality, specified features such as specific resistances and uniquely textured panels.

Marley Eternit focus on providing fibre cement cladding, a sustainable combination of cement and synthetic fibres that is durable and rot-free. Furthermore, the specialised production process results in each panel having its own unique texture.
Marley Eternit provide such panels from three lines:

• Cedral Weatherboard: a rot-free alternative to timber board
• Operal: a durable flat-board easy to shape to your needs
• EQUITONE: a high-quality cladding material designed to show off the raw aspect of fibre cement, resulting in intriguing designs and opportunities


EQUITONE is a type of fibre cement cladding produced in Germany and Belgium. Its design is lightweight but with a smooth and solid finish, and it meets high expectations in the various performance requirements that you may have such as fire resistance, customisability and life expectancy.

EQUITONE panel types have different thicknesses but are all available in sizes 2500 x 1250mm and 3100 x 1250mm. The general features of EQUITONE include:

• Strong, rigid panels
• Cost-effective manufacture
• Fire Classification A2-s1,d0
• Quality insulation in all seasons
• Resilient against extreme temperatures, moisture, moulds and sound
• Frost resistant
• Rot-free
• Environmentally safe, with no harmful emissions
• A transparent coating guards the material for a consistent appearance
• Quick and easy installation and maintenance
• Secret Fix is available so that the effect of your cladding is continuous, without any additional fixtures in view
• 50-year life expectancy
There are multiple lines of EQUITONE to choose from, as detailed below.


EQUITONE Natura panelling allows the surface of the fibre cement texture to show through with no additional changes or coatings. This presents as a smooth, natural, sandy-textured look that can be produced in many colours. Natura panels are highly customisable.
They are easily cut to fit interesting shapes and spaces and offer excellent protection against the elements at an affordable, cost-effective price. Natura is available in 8mm and 12mm thicknesses.


EQUITONE Tectiva is a fibre cement cladding with a matt finish, designed to provide distinguished, natural and subtle colours alongside the special aesthetic effect that EQUITONE provides. In this case the fibre cement is patterned in sandy lines that are pleasing to the viewer without being overpowering.

Tectiva material includes 8 colours so there is no worry of colour-loss over time. The material also has naturally occurring white flecks in its design, which further add to the natural and aesthetic look. Tectiva is available in 10mm thickness.


EQUITONE Pictura has an ultra-matt finish for a clean, smooth and even colour finish. The top layer is UV cured as part of this process, but the layer also protects against impact damage, stains or other forms of graffiti, making it an ideal material for use in close-quarters spaces where you might need to consider such issues.

Pictura cladding can be affixed using colour matched screws and fittings in order to provide a seamless, consistent colour profile that stands out up close and from a distance. Pictura is available in 8mm and 12mm thicknesses.


EQUITONE Linea is a 3-dimensional cladding material designed with aesthetic in mind. The front facing has raised and dipped sections in the material that distort light, and as a result what you see and experience changes depending on your viewpoint.
Further, as lighting and shadow changes, either through the passing of time or changing electrical sources, the effect that the light has on the cladding changes, producing textures and patterns that change from moment to moment, creating new aspects that will surely enhance the look and feel of your building.

Linea has a consistent colour and texture, held strong and rigid so that the lighting effects can be most clearly observed. Due to the nature of the material used in production, each panel has a fully unique texture, meaning the end result of the lighting effect will also be unique to your building. The cladding is available with mechanical or secret fix options, allowing for even more customisability in your design. Linea is available in chalk, pebble and hessian colour schemes, and is 8mm thick.


The newest variant of EQUITONE, Materia panels are made with the same fibre cement material, but the front face is slightly over-textured, giving a more rugged finish which is textured but velvety. Due to the nature of the texturing, Materia gains a similar effect to Linea, where the changing daylight subtly affects the aspect of the panel, as the shadows dance across the fibres.
Like all EQUITONE cladding each panel has a unique texture due to its manufacturing process, and so this effect will also be unique to your design and location. Materia is available in 8mm and 12mm thicknesses.

About Us

C and L External is a UK distributor of multiple forms of structural cladding, including but not limited to the EQUITONE range, alongside quality brand names like Rockwool and Prodema. This also includes Marley Eternit Equitone.

The EQUITONE range, in particular, is a very important section of our portfolio because it represents evolution in the panelling industry. As new materials, new styles and new textures become available C and L External will be at the forefront of innovation, always looking for opportunities to provide our customers with better quality and efficiency regardless of budget.

On top of the panels themselves C and L External also provides the additional accessories required for install: the fittings, frames, adhesives, insulation etc. As a one-stop-shop for all your cladding needs you can be sure that your install process goes smoothly as there is no opportunity for miscommunications and no risk of inefficient connections between inappropriate materials.

Another reason that EQUITONE is valuable to our company is that it works well with our dedication to sustainability and environmental protection. We take pains to ensure that our panelling materials are highly recyclable, include reclaimed materials where possible, and emit no harmful gases.

C and L External also focuses on staying at the forefront of technological advance in any form. We use AI assisted software in our building projects, advanced laser-based tools for cutting, and record all our data and results for later analysis and improvement.
C and L External is highly customer-focused, providing clear and considerate communication from the start of your project to its completion. If you would like us to consult on a your own project, please get in touch.

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C and L External is a leading UK distributor of HPL Cladding, providing panels from multiple highly regarded manufacturers including Trespa, Parklex and Rockwool.

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C and L External is dedicated to providing high value for customers. To achieve this, we work in close contact with you to provide the finest quality cladding at the lowest possible price. Each order is carefully planned and executed, with a focus on cost-effectiveness and efficiency.

In each project we look to provide exact Marley Eternit Equitone materials with minimal wastage, to achieve our goals of a high-quality customer-experience and a sustainable project that fits our standards.

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