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C & L External is a leading UK distributor of cladding planks, supplying panels from numerous well respected producers such as EuroForm, Valcan, WeatherClad, Rockpanel, Genius Facades, Equitone and Plastestrip FastFrame

What Are Cladding Planks?

Cladding is the application of one material (often planks) over another to supply a protective skin or layer to the exterior of a structure. In building and construction, cladding planks are used to add a layer of thermal insulation and weather condition resistance and to boost the look of buildings.

C & L External for Cladding Planks

Who are we, and what are we all about? C & L External is a UK based cladding company whose creator has over 25 years of experience in the cladding market. We provide and install exterior cladding planks for domestic and commercial buildings. Our customer service and results are unparalleled in the industry.

C & L External prides itself on supplying a high-grade selection of cladding planks without breaking the bank, relying on our outstanding partnerships with manufacturers and lessons in design developed over decades of previous experience.

We provide panels from recognised brands such as EuroForm, Valcan, WeatherClad, Rockpanel, Genius Facades, Equitone and Plastestrip FastFrame. Fascias and soffits are highly specific panels that need professional fabrication, cutting, and preserving. C & L External intends to be there every step during your trip towards the final product.

We are renowned for the excellent products we offer to our customers. Each of the cladding planks we offer has been very carefully checked for resistance to fire, weather and storms, dampness, sound, vibrations, and impact.

Our teams offer an all-in-one strategy that covers all the bases. We provide the best products and installation that you will find when it comes to cladding planks.

Types of Cladding Planks

What are the different sorts of cladding? Some of the most usual varieties of cladding are:

  • Stone
  • Metal
  • Brick Cladding
  • UPVC Cladding
  • Wood Planks
  • Concrete
  • Weatherboard Planks
  • Glass Exterior

Costs of Cladding Planks

C & L External is devoted to supplying high value for our customers. To achieve this, we operate in cooperation with you to supply the finest quality planks at the most affordable feasible price.

Each order is carefully considered and carried out, with an emphasis on cost-effectiveness and performance. For each task, we pride ourselves on our capability to offer a premium service, with long-lasting items, specialist designs, and outstanding craftsmanship.

Effective Cladding Planks

Steel cladding is one more alternative for the outdoor siding of your home that is both resilient and low-priced for minimal maintenance and a long life span. It is common to use galvanised steel, copper, aluminium, and zinc. Similar to composite, metal cladding is available in a selection of different architectural designs and surface areas.

Single-layer metal panels are pre-formed wall surface panels made from metals that are among the most typically used kinds of cladding for business and organisational tasks. Their high durability and simple installation make them perfect for low maintenance buildings.

Special Consideration of Cladding Planks

Rainscreen cladding planks are a particular type of product designed to safeguard against rough weather and erosion. In addition, the material of the planks provides thermal insulation. Not all cladding needs to be completely water-resistant; often, it is just a control element.
Certain cladding can also be made use of to offer soundproofing, in both outward and inward directions. Noise insulation is a superb advantage of good cladding planks, especially for office or residence environments where silence is desirable.

In in between the planks and the wall surface, there is a cavity in which rainwater run-off can come down. In the unlucky case of a fire, this cavity has the potential to draw hot air up like a chimney, intensify the fire, and spread it to the top of the planks. The fire might go into the building via open home windows, for instance, by leaping onto drapes blowing outside.

After the Grenfell Tower fire in London, and similar fires in France, Dubai, and in other places, substantial focus has been paid to the fire security criteria of cladding made use of in tower-blocks and comparable skyscraper multiple-occupancy properties. 

Grenfell Tower was clad with composite panels with a polythene core which is believed to have added to the fire. These panels cost partially less than ones with an incombustible core. There are approximated to be 600 high-rise blocks of flats in the UK that have “similar” cladding which may present the same kinds of fire hazards.

Along with the chimney impact, the cladding product itself can catch on fire. Brick material has exceptional fire resistance; weatherboards or slabs made from fibre cement or steel have high fire resistance; aluminium and reconstituted lumber products have excellent fire resistance; lumber weatherboards and plywood sheets have poor fire resistance. It is important to consider the combustible properties of the planks you choose for exterior cladding.

Core materials may be polythene (which is combustible), a mineral-based product, or a mix of both. Panels of a similar appearance could have various core materials; those with a greater percentage of mineral core sustain fire far better; however, they can still be considered to be combustible. The cladding is most likely to circulate fire if the core is flammable. As a result of fire problems, it is always crucial to hire an expert group such as ours when you desire to mount cladding planks on any building.

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