PPC Aluminium

PPC Aluminium (Polyester Powder Coated Aluminium)

PPC Aluminium (Polyester Powder Coated Aluminium) is a specialised cladding coating with excellent properties designed for particular aesthetics and great outdoor resilience. PPC is a colouring and coating agent that is applied to cladding through electrostatic coating, where dry powdered aluminium is applied to the panel under heat and then “cured” over time to form a hard, protective layer over the material.

This layer is highly resistant, cost-effective, sustainable and customisable. It stands out particularly in comparison to liquid paint, which it can outperform in many categories, particularly with its resilience to the passing of time and any damage risks.

PPC Aluminium (Polyester Powder Coated Aluminium) Features

• Cost-effective, low maintenance, and more resilient than liquid paint, resisting colour fade and stains over time
• Lightweight and highly durable with a hard finish making PPC a great option for exterior cladding
• Easy to customise, including complex shapes and patterns in the cutting. There are many colour options including metallic finishes that are more difficult to create with other methods, and the texture can be varied to present various levels of metallic weathering, a very interesting and coveted aesthetic
• Minimal to no colour/shade variation between panels due to the mechanical nature of the dry powdering process
• Provides quality insulation through all seasons
• Resistant to corrosion, weather forces, impacts, UV, sound, damp and mould build-up
• Highly fire resistant, achieving a Euroclass rating of A2
• Customisable panel thickness at request
• Environmentally friendly, causing no harmful emissions
• A great option for sustainability, being highly energy and material efficient in comparison to other options. Aluminium is fully recyclable, meaning at end of life the material can be re-used with little issue.

PPC Aluminium Alternatives

Vitradual aluminium cladding is a 2mm – 3mm thick solid aluminium panel that can be used instead of PPC. This cladding is rated A1 “non-combustible” and has a thermoplastic coating for its colouring. Solid aluminium cladding has a shorter lead time than PPC and is somewhat cheaper but is less customisable post-install.

Polyvinylidene fluoride (PVdF) coating is an alternative to PPC where a thermoplastic polymer is used as the finishing coat to your panels. This can give the same aluminium finish and is A1 “non-combustible,” and additionally can be folded during manufacture in order to create additional shapes and patterns.

About Us

C and L External provides delivery and installation services for multiple and varied types of structural cladding for buildings, along with the fittings, frames and other accessories required like insulation rolls and joint adhesives. We source quality products from many well-regarded companies such as Vivalda, Valcan and Marley Eternit.

C and L External strives to provide a significant variety of cladding options so that customers can achieve the aesthetic that they desire. This makes provision of PPC aluminium very important to us, as it is a very good quality and cost-effective method of providing access to metallic colour coating options. Durable, long-lasting materials are very important in our goals, and so the majority of our sourced materials have high life expectancies and easy maintenance when compared to similar but inferior products.

C and L External constantly hunts for, and implements, the newest and most innovative technologies of our industry, from laser-guided tools with extreme precision to wholly new types of material like fibre cement and mineral wool insulation.

Environmental health and sustainability are staple points of our company mission, and as we result all the materials we use and products we source are carefully tested for harmful emissions, and whenever possible we use highly recyclable products. The Aluminium in the PPC, for example, is fully recyclable, again making it an excellent product for out line.

High Quality customer service is always on our mind and the C and L External team provides regular and knowledgeable communication throughout the process of your build. We will be with you every step of the way until completion, and even afterwards if and when maintenance is required.

Your Local Providers of PPC Aluminium

C and L External is a leading UK distributor of HPL Cladding, providing panels from multiple highly regarded manufacturers including Trespa, Parklex and Rockwool.

High Quality, Budget-friendly PPC Aluminium

C and L External is dedicated to providing high value for customers. To achieve this, we work in close contact with you to provide the finest quality cladding at the lowest possible price. Each order is carefully planned and executed, with a focus on cost-effectiveness and efficiency.

In each project we look to provide exact PPC Aluminium materials with minimal wastage, to achieve our goals of a high-quality customer-experience and a sustainable project that fits our standards.

Quick and Quality Response

C and L External puts great effort into creating a top-tier experience for every customer. That means timely service provided by our PPC Aluminium experts that can answer any question reliably. Our materials are excellent, and our delivery is painstaking and perfected.

Contact us with any queries or requests you have regarding PPC Aluminium (Polyester Powder Coated Aluminium).