Cembrit Patina Original

Cembrit Patina Original has fine, sanding lines on the surface. Here’s a façade board that may be standard, yet it is much more than ordinary. Cembrit Patina Original comes in timeless colours – it evolves and changes the expression of your building. These façade boards will patinate beautifully over time, adding an aesthetic look to the building design with some unique and subtle variations on the surface. Cembrit Patina Original connects performance with a modern, versatile look. At a time, when everyone is searching for authenticity and natural look, Cembrit Patina Original is the perfect choice for your building.


  • Non combustible - Cembrit products are classified in accordance with EN 13501-1 and are fire rated, at a minimum as A2 non-combustible or higher.
  • Edge sealing not required - As an autoclaved cladding cut edges do not need to be sealed (as air cured claddings do). This significantly reduces time on site or at the fabricators cutting facility.
  • Variation from board to board - Random shade variation from board to board creates a finished façade that is more natural looking than coated materials.
  • Hydrophobated - Hydrophobation improves the dirt and water stain resistance of the board.
  • Genuine, homogeneous - Cembrit Patina Original is a homogeneous cladding sheet.
  • Disguises surface damage - No surface coating which can be removed by scratches dents or chips reduces their visibility.
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