Cembrit Plank is the ideal alternative to timber weatherboarding, but does not require preservative treatment and is not susceptible to fire. Smooth or textured options give you the choice of a surface finish together with a colour to make your projects almost unique. It can be installed like timber weatherboard products. Cembrit Plank comes in 14 standard and 5 made to order factory painted surfaces, as well as a ready-primed option for on site finishing. The typical long service life of fibre cement gives maximum resistance to exterior exposure that is backed by a Cembrit 15 year warranty – the highest warranty in the market. Plank can be installed vertically, horizontally or in other patterns to enhance your design.


  • Non combustible - Cembrit products are classified in accordance with EN 13501-1 and are fire rated, at a minimum as A2 non-combustible or higher.
  • Wood effect - Looks like traditional timber weatherboard.
  • Rot proof - Does not rot or succumb to attack from insects like timber weatherboard.
  • Guaranteed - Transferable warranty guaranteeing 15 years of product durability and peace of mind.
  • Fixed like timber weatherboard - Customization, handling and installation is simple. A complete range of accessories ensures an atractive finish.
  • Colour matched accessories - Full range of matching trims for neat finish on perimeters and apertures.
  • Traditional look - Finished façade indistinguishable from traditional timber weatherboard.
  • Primed option for on-site paint application - Apply your own finish to complete your unique colour scheme or match other materials.
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