The latest innovation from generix facades, stoneglass. A new material that combines the advantages of glass with the solidity and durability of stone.

Why use Generix Stoneglass?

Similar to the formation of natural granite stoneglass is produced by a process of dissolving and crystallising silicon particles, but with stoneglass a better crystalline structure is acheived.
stoneglass tiles are more resistant to acid and alkalis than marble, granite or quartz. An inorganic material with high chemical stability, the surface of the product does not suffer UV degradation, whilst also being non-absorbent and easy to clean.
An attractive luminous effect is created as light is evenly reflected across the surface.
The material is manufactured by a process which achieves crystallisation without the use of resins or solvents ensuring the product is completely recyclable, A1 non-combustible and does not contain any components or substances harmful to health.
Available in white and black polished or matte, stoneglass by generix will give any project a unique and modern appearance with added strength, reliability and durability.

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