FIREZERO is MDL Insulations extensive range of passive and semi active fire protection for use accross the construction industry in residential and commercial application; or both new builds and refurbishments.


MDL Insulations Ltd are certificated to ISO9001 & ISO14001, certificate no.UK/01/0245926629. Our core stone wool products are manufactured in accordance with BSI Quality Assurance Standard BS EN ISO 9001 and Product Standard EN13162 and CE Marked and certified where appropriate.



FIREZERO is manufactured from a high-density stone wool which is then factory cut and faced both sides with class ‘O’ grid printed reinforced aluminium foil. The grid markings and arrows are site cutting guides FIREZERO is printed on for authenticity of product (for acoustic purposes a black / white tissue can be applied).

FIREZERO is designed to be easily fitted in a wide range of applications where fire rating is required to comply with current building & fire regulations to BS EN 1363-1:1999 Test CHILT/ IF12007B (2012), WF402303/WF403251 (2018).

FIREZERO can be used both horizontally and vertically to achieve the required fire rating.

FIREZERO  will prevent the rapid spread of flames, fumes and smoke through the void as well as acting as a passive fire barrier. An additional benefit is as an acoustic seal which helps reduce the transmission of airborne sound.

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