FastFrame is an adjustable cladding fixing system that suits most brands of exterior cladding panels. We can offer an in-house technical service to calculate the safest yet most cost-effective bracket spacings to support your facade. Save time and money by completing the checklist below.

The FastFrame solution offers many benefits not found in other systems. These don’t just make installation quicker, they also result in a more reliable, cost-reduced facade support system.

The FastFrame component bracket also resolves issues with other current rail and bracket aluminium framing systems. The unique design of this three-part folded aluminium bracket features a base leg much thicker than the stalk leg. As the performance of the bracket is directly related to the thickness of its base leg, this ensures that FastFrame brackets can easily withstand the total stresses placed upon it by its own weight, the forces of the wind, and the weight of the facade.

Isolation of the bracket from the building substructure is essential, both for thermal and long-term reliability purposes. Without a form of inert material between the aluminium bracket and the building, corrosion will eventually occur, weakening the framing and shortening the life of the installation. This aspect is not to be underestimated as the failure of corroded brackets could result in a disastrous failure of the whole facade. By incorporating a tough integral PVC clip to secure the ‘L’ piece and the base plate together, this essential isolation barrier cannot be inadvertently omitted, and at the same time accelerates installation.

The design of the highly efficient FastFrame bracket also yields long term environmental benefits, contributing to meeting Building Regulation Part ‘L’ by limiting heat conduction away from the building and lowering heating costs. A further benefit of the stronger isolated bracket is that it enables wider spanning and, in many cases, a reduction in the number of brackets required to secure the facade. This brings significant savings in terms of materials and particularly in installation time.


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  • BBA approved
  • The FastFrame system presents the fastest, simplest and most cost-effective facade support solution on the market.
  • 2-3 days in-house calculations specific to every application.
  • The adjustable, universal bracket made from 5251 H22 grade aluminium comes complete with an isolation clip and is suitable for almost all building substrates.
  • The T & L rails are made from high specification 6063 T6 grade aluminium.
  • Compatible with various facade finishes, including spun rock, HPL, cement-based sheets, ACM, render systems, timber & many more.
  • On-site pull out tests by trained technicians.
  • FastFrame is available from a UK distribution network and has available ex-stock for overnight delivery.
  • Fully backed by an independent structural engineer offering PI cover.
  • Suitable for marine environments.
  • Looking for Technical Information? Give a member of our friendly team a call using the details below.