Vitrabond – Aluminium

Vitrabond consists of two aluminium or other natural metal cover sheets, enclosing a fire rated or A2 core. This simple concept gives it a wide variety of advantages for both Architects and Installers. It is stable, yet readily mouldable, extremely weather resistant, and very easy to install. Well established in the market, Vitrabond is recognised by Architects, Builders and Installers as the superior composite panel cladding solution. With our huge stock levels, unlimited colour range, and our continual product development, we are readily available to meet your requirements. As a company whose prerequisite is your satisfaction, we offer our cut-to-size and special colour services to make installation of your metal cladding systems quick and easy for all parties involved in the project. With the available option of FR and A2 core, Vitrabond is designed to make it simpler and more effective for you. With the use of Vitrabond on many prestigious projects across Australia, North America, the United Kingdom and Europe, it is chosen by architects and designers as the rainscreen façade of choice.




  • Cost effective
  • Low maintenance
  • Robust durability & Lightweight
  • Unlimited colour range available
  • High stock levels and quick lead times
  • 20 Year warranty available!
  • Non-combustible core available
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