Vitrabond Zinc is a natural Zinc composite cladding panel, featuring a front zinc skin on a 4mm panel or ersatz zinc which is aluminium coated with a PVDF finish to replicate the look and feel of zinc. Vitrabond Zinc makes for a fantastic façade material as it is resistant to corrosion, extremely durable and does not require costly maintenance. Vitrabond Zinc cladding is flexible, formable and offers unique aesthetics that make it perfect for all styles of architectural and building projects, giving the real look at only a fraction of the cost of the real metal. Our Zinc Range consists of Authentic finishes such as Glacier Grey Zinc, Smokey Blue Zinc, Gannett Green Zinc, Sonoma Red Zinc and Onyx Black Zinc and our more popular Synthetic Range which consists of Zinc Light, Zinc Dark, Zinc Charcoal and Zinc Blush.




  • Aesthetics – Vitrabond Zinc offers a distinctive, unique and eye-catching design for an original surface finish to any architectural project. Zinc responds to the play of light on the surface making for an elegant and modern finish.
  • Formability – despite its rigidity and strong surface strength, zinc cladding is highly malleable with the option curve and bend the panels into complex shapes.
  • Lifespan – zinc is highly resilient to corrosion and the elements. Zinc develops a natural patina over time which protects the metal itself from the elements. The panels require minimal maintenance and will not need to be recoated during their lifespan as the Zinc surface continues to develop a protective layer throughout its lifetime.
  • Specification – Vitrabond Zinc can be laid at angles from five degrees to vertical, allowing for a wide range of architectural styles and building designs.
  • Recyclable – Vitrabond Zinc is 100% recyclable.
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