Vitranamel is a decorative cladding material, featuring a vitreous enamel coating on a decarbonised steel panel, with a honeycomb or calcium silicate core. This results in a high strength architectural panel with an incredibly tough, almost indestructible finish.


  • Vitranamel vitreous enamel panels are extremely robust and durable.
  • The vitreous enamel coating has excellent scratch and impact resistance, making it the ideal product for areas of heavy traffic or extreme wear.
  • Impervious to UV rays and extreme weather conditions
  • High resistance to acids and alkalis
  • It is also graffiti resistant allowing graffiti to be easily removed without damaging the panels.
  • The colour and gloss level of these panels are unaffected by sunlight, and are available in an almost unlimited colour range.
  • Completely non-combustible, and can withstand temperatures of over 400°C.
  • Very low maintenance.
  • Can be custom designed into a wide range of shapes and dimensions.
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