Rockwool Rainscreen Duo Slab

Rockwool Rainscreen Duo Slab

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Rockwool Rainscreen Duo Slab by Rockwool is a double layered form of insulation material designed for top-tier resilience. With an outer layer that is strong and durable, and an interior layer focused on resisting the elements, the duo slab is a great combination with our various rainscreen cladding options.

Rockwool Rainscreen Duo Slab can be used as a “curtain wall,” where the outer wall of a building under construction is made up of the frame combined with this material. In this way a lightweight, cost-effective material can provide the necessary cover, without needing to resort to harder, more expensive structures

Rockwool Rainscreen Duo Slab Features

• Tough outer layer stays strong against harsh elements, even during construction if exposed
• Interior layer is resistant to extreme temperatures, sound, moisture and damp, while keeping the cavity ventilated through air partition between layers. This improves your cladding project’s resilience as a whole
• Cost-effective and environmentally friendly to manufacture, with no harmful emissions and high recyclability (approximately 97%)
• Quick and easy installation and maintenance
• Provides quality insulation in all seasons
• BBA approved, with a Euroclass Fire Classification of A1 “non-combustible”
• Completed windload fatigue tests up to the maximum UK wind-speed of 56m/s
• Water repelling agents added to the material heighten moisture and damp resistance
• Reduced number of fixings for install, further saving on materials
• Duo Slab has a thermal transmittance rating (U-value) of 0.044W/m2K. Industry requirements for loft spaces look for a U-value under 0.16 W/m2K, a value that Duo Slab easily surpasses.

What is Stone wool insulation?

Stone wool, also known as mineral wool, is material derived from spinning molten rock and minerals with steel slag in order to produce a woollen product not unlike cotton candy. This is a highly effective insulation, with great sound absorption and fire resistance, and uses a by-product of steel manufacture, a resource that might otherwise go to waste.

Calculating the amount of insulation required for your structure is as simple as multiplying each wall’s length by its height and providing the resulting area to the team.

Stone wool has been confirmed safe by both UK and EU health and safety regulations. The stone wool is confirmed to be absent of both carcinogens and any gases that could damage the ozone layer.

Who are Rockwool?

Rockwool are an industry defining brand, involved in the production and delivery of multiple forms of insulation for both small- and large-scale projects. Their mineral wool insulation is cost-effective and environmentally friendly, making them a great partner for businesses looking to invest in sustainable solutions.

About Us

C and L External are a UK based company who deal in structural cladding products for small- and large-scale building projects. We utilise quality, tested materials from multiple highly regarded manufacturers including Rockwool, Trespa and EQUITONE.
While C and L External’s main focus is on providing and installing cladding panels themselves, we also supply the additional accessories required for such an install: the frames, fixings, coatings and interior cavity insulation like the one described here.

Having one supplier for all these components improves the efficiency of your project and means you can talk to our highly qualified customer service about any facet of the install without fear of missing information.

A significant goal of C and L External is providing environmental stability and sustainability in our work. This can be found in 100% recyclable dry powder colour coatings, re-purposed timber frames, and also includes the re-used steel slag that forms part of Rockwool Duo Slab. As a result, we as a company are proud to work with this product, because it achieves our vision as well as our customers’.

Customisability is key, and so we always look to highly tailorable products when choosing what to suggest for a customer’s project. Insulation that can be easily bent and shaped to suit a need, or a panel that cuts to size without wastage, is exactly the kind of product we want in our wheelhouse, and they will be the most practical, cost-efficient choices for your own plan.

At C and L External, the innovation and evolution of products is carefully tracked and readily implemented as we pursue further and higher goals in quality and efficiency.

Your Local Providers of Rockwool Rainscreen Duo Slab

C and L External is a leading UK distributor of HPL Cladding, providing panels from multiple highly regarded manufacturers including Trespa, Parklex and Rockwool.

High Quality, Budget-friendly Rockwool Rainscreen Duo Slab

C and L External is dedicated to providing high value for our Rockwool Rainscreen Duo Slab customers. To achieve this, we work in close contact with you to provide the finest Rockwool Rainscreen Duo Slab at the lowest possible price. Each order is carefully planned and executed, with a focus on cost-effectiveness and efficiency.

In each project we look to provide exact Rockwool Rainscreen Duo Slab materials with minimal wastage, to achieve our goals of a high-quality customer-experience and a sustainable project that fits our standards.

Quick and Quality Rockwool Rainscreen Duo Slab Response

C and L External puts great effort into creating a top-tier experience for every customer. That means timely service provided by our Rockwool Rainscreen Duo Slab experts that can answer any question reliably. Our materials are excellent, and our delivery is painstaking and perfected.

Contact us with any questions you have regarding Rockwool Rainscreen Duo Slab.