SIDERISE Cavity Barriers

SIDERISE® Cavity Barriers (“SIDERISE cavity barriers”)

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C and L External provides both horizontal and vertical cavity barriers that create a designated, sealed space between façade layers. This space improves airflow, allows excess moisture to drain and, if a fire occurs, acts as a quick seal and a stall against both fire and smoke, providing up to 2 hours of additional insulation.

The cavity barriers are flexible, allowing for cladding movement, and they improve, rather than interfere with, ventilation. The barriers are colour-coded by their usages, for ease of install, and when vertical and horizontal barriers meet, they are tightly abutted to avoid gaps. Regardless of the environment, SIDERISE cavity barriers can provide excellent insulation, and our team will be on hand at every stage to ensure quality delivery.

SIDERISE cavity barriers are fully compliant with ASFP and CWCT guidelines, tested using the principles of BS EN 1363-1 and BS EN 1366-4. The barriers have also been tested at Warrington-Fire and are 3rd Party Certified under EWCL5 (Certificate ME 5101).
Both the horizontal and vertical barriers are manufactured with a stone wool lamella core, surrounded by reinforced aluminium foil faces, resulting in a Class A1 grade for fire performance. The materials are water repellent, non-hygroscopic (no water absorption) and are resistant to forces such as weather and impact.

The cavity barriers come in 120mm length strips which can be cut down as necessary, and aluminium jointing tape is available for sealing corners and/or gaps. Both barriers come available with stainless or galvanised mild steel brackets for install, which have pre-notched indents to guide installation to the barrier.

SIDERISE RH Open State Horizontal Cavity Barriers

Our horizontal cavity barriers incorporate an intumescent strip along the leading edge which expands to seal the ventilation gap between the barrier and the cladding when exposed to fire. This safety feature significantly improves your building’s insulation against fire and smoke, providing additional protection and time. The leading edge is further encased in weather-resistant polymer. We carry two horizonal barrier types with differing specifications:

• RH25 (G/S) – depth up to 25mm, width up to 425mm
• RH50 (G/S) – depth up to 50mm, width up to 3000mm

SIDERISE RV Vertical Cavity Barriers

Unlike our horizontal cavity barriers, the vertical design fully seals the ventilation gap, requiring no intumescent strip. This results in full air-pressurisation behind the cladding that assists with ventilation. The vertical barriers are also designed with rainscreen facades in mind and have no issue with their movements.

SIDERISE cavity barriers Installation

SIDERISE cavity barriers are installed in the gap between your façade and exterior wall using the provided support brackets. The horizontal barriers are fitted with their intumescent strip facing the gap, ready to expand and seal as necessary. The vertical barriers, on the other hand, fit into the gap, fully compressing the space and providing a constant seal. The barriers fit directly to your structural wall, meaning any material in the way must be removed in order to provide a proper seal. Connecting barrier lengths are abutted and sealed with foil tape (also available from SIDERISE).

For gaps of less than 100mm, 5mm of compression is required on top of the measurement. For gaps of over 100mm, 10mm of compression is required in order to keep a consistent seal.

Who Are Siderise?

Siderise have been in the business of bespoke fire, thermal and acoustic insulation solutions for over 40 years. Their barriers are designed for continuous ventilation and drainage behind the cladding while providing a quality fire and hot smoke seal.

About Us

C and L External is a highly regarded structural cladding installation company based in the UK. We provide and install a variety of high-quality bespoke panels alongside the various accessories required to assemble them: the fittings, frames, hangers, adhesives, insulation material and SIDERISE cavity barriers. Each product is tested and certified to the high standards of both UK and EU regulators. Our installation engineers are well-trained and will help you to plan and execute a great cladding project for your structure.

Flame Resistance is a key factor in structural cladding that we at C and L External take very seriously. We provide the SIDERISE cavity barriers because they are a well-designed, well-tested and cost-effective source of additional fire resistance, and they compliment the existing structure of an install extremely well.

C and L External puts a serious focus on ensuring that the products we deliver are sustainable and environmentally friendly. For example, the stone wool core of the SIDERISE cavity barriers is manufactured from sustainable sources including steel slag and waste rock and minerals from other manufacturing processes. Keeping our footprint as waste-free as possible, with little to no harmful emissions, is a great part of our mission which co-insides well with the desires of our customers.

Technological advancement is at the core of our company’s path forward. As new innovations, advancements and evolutions come to light, C and L External will be there to put each resource to its best use. We are a practical company, always looking to

Your Local Providers of SIDERISE cavity barriers

C and L External is a leading UK distributor of SIDERISE cavity barriers, HPL Cladding, providing panels from multiple highly regarded manufacturers including Trespa, Parklex and Rockwool.

High Quality, Budget-friendly SIDERISE cavity barriers

C and L External is dedicated to providing high value for our SIDERISE cavity barriers customers. To achieve this, we work in close contact with you to provide the finest SIDERISE cavity barriers at the lowest possible price. Each order is carefully planned and executed, with a focus on cost-effectiveness and efficiency.

In each project we look to provide exact SIDERISE cavity barriers materials with minimal wastage, to achieve our goals of a high-quality customer-experience and a sustainable project that fits our standards.

Quick and Quality SIDERISE cavity barriers Response

C and L External puts great effort into creating a top-tier experience for every customer. That means timely service provided by our SIDERISE cavity barriers experts that can answer any question reliably. Our materials are excellent, and our delivery is painstaking and perfected.

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