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C & L External is a UK based weatherboard business whose owner has more than 25 years of experience in the market. We provide the finest quality products, along with committed, extremely qualified installation groups with years of experience. C & L External prides itself on providing a high-quality choice of weatherboard without hurting your wallet. You can trust our outstanding connections with suppliers and our fantastic work ethic that has developed over years of market experience.

We supply panels from extremely well-renowned manufacturers including EuroForm, Valcan, WeatherClad, Rockpanel, Genius Facades, Equitone and Plastestrip FastFrame. Fascias and soffits are very specific panels that need professional manufacturing, cutting, fitting, and care. C & L External is ready to help with every step to get you the results you want to see.

We are renowned for the quality of the products we give to our consumers. Each weatherboard panel we supply has been very carefully evaluated for resistance to fire, severe weather, dampness, sound, and other damage. We offer the highest quality solutions for all your needs. Our all-in-one strategy focuses on cost-effectiveness, performance, and happy customers.

Weatherboard Design Overview

Weatherboard, also known as cladding, is the application of one material over an additional one to supply a protective skin or layer to the outside of a structure. In building and construction, weatherboard is made use of to supply a level of thermal insulation and weather condition resistance and to enhance the look of buildings.

Types of Weatherboard

What are the different types of weatherboard? The most typical kinds of weatherboard are Stone, Brick, UPVC Weatherboard, Timber Weatherboard, Metal Weatherboard, Concrete, and Glass.

Weatherboard for Noise Insulation & Soundproofing

Particular weatherboards can likewise be utilised to supply soundproofing, in both outward and inward orientations. Sound insulation is an amazing benefit of weatherboard, particularly for offices or domestic environments where silence is desirable. Weatherboard related to home windows are frequently referred to as window topping and is a specialised area which we can handle.

Single-Layer Wall Weatherboard

Single-layer steel weatherboard panels are pre-formed wall panels made from metal that are among the most frequently supplied kinds of weatherboard for commercial and organisation projects. Their high durability and easy setup make them ideal for low-maintenance buildings.

Special Weatherboards

Rainscreen is a kind of protective weatherboard developed to protect any structure against the elements; nevertheless, it also offers thermal insulation. Some weatherboard does not always need to be completely water-resistant; often, it is simply a control aspect. At times it may offer just to guide water or wind securely away in order to handle run-off and prevent its seepage right into the building structure.

Weatherboard Prices

C & L External is devoted to providing high value for our clients. To accomplish this, we work in close conjunction with you to give top quality weatherboard at the most inexpensive possible rates.

Each order is very carefully prepared and executed, with a focus on cost-effectiveness and results. For each job, we pride ourselves on our capacity to give a high-grade service, with durable items, specialist designs, and superb handiwork. Whenever possible, the C & L External group takes chances to reduce material waste and prospective negative influence on the environment.

Weatherboard Considerations and Fire-Hazards

In between the weatherboard and the wall, there is a gap in which rain run-off can come down. In the regrettable instance of a fire, this portion has the possibility to draw hot air up like a smoke shaft, magnify the fire, and spread it to the top of the weatherboard. The fire may spread into the building via open windows, for example, by jumping onto drapes blowing outdoors. For this reason, it is imperative that you choose a fire-resistant material for your weatherboard.

In the wake of the Grenfell Tower fire in London, and comparable fires in France, Dubai, and elsewhere, substantial focus has been paid to the fire resistance requirements of weatherboard for tower-blocks and comparable skyscraper multiple-occupancy real estate. There are approximated to be roughly 600 high-rise blocks of flats in the UK that have “similar” cladding which may present the exact same kinds of fire hazards gone over above.

In addition to the smoke shaft result, the cladding itself can combust, depending on the material. Brick has superior fire resistance; slabs or weatherboards made from fibre cement or steel have high fire resistance; aluminium and reconstituted lumber items have great fire resistance; lumber weatherboards and plywood sheets have poor fire resistance.

Core materials might be polythene (which is combustible), a mineral-based product, or a mix of both. Panels of identical appearance might have various core products; those with a higher percentage of metallic cores handle flames a lot better, yet can still be taken into consideration to be flammable. The weatherboard is likely to propagate fire if the core is combustible. As a result of fire issues, it is always vital to employ a specialist group such as ours when you desire to set up weatherboard on a structure.

Metal Cladding Options

Metal cladding is one more option for the outdoor siding of your residence that is both low-cost and long-lasting. This way, you get a durable product at an affordable price. Some types of metal weatherboards are galvanised steel, zinc, copper, and aluminium. C & L External is a leading UK provider of weatherboard, supplying panels from a number of reputable producers like EuroForm, Valcan, WeatherClad, Rockpanel, Genius Facades, Equitone and Plastestrip FastFrame.

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