What is WeatherClad?

WeatherClad wood-effect cladding panel is an reinforced cement siding board made from Portland cement, cellulose fibres, finely ground sand, and water. WeatherClad is supplied in a wide variety of colours and wood stains.

WeatherClad Features & Benefits

  • Wood-effect cladding
  • Natural lumber appearance with a random embossed grain
  • Weather resistant
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Split pallets available
  • Wide range of stains and colours
  • Easy to repair
  • Multiple colour matched trims and profiles available

WeatherClad Applications

WeatherClad is a wood-effect cladding system to be used with a ventilated rainscreen. It is designed to perform and maintain durability in a range of difficult and harsh climate conditions.

Supporting framing parts must have adequate resilience for the planned purpose and adhere to applicable and proper nationwide building codes. Do not use WeatherClad wood-effect cladding in areas where it might stay in contact with standing water.

WeatherClad Specifications

Product size: 3600 mm x 209 mm x 7.5 mm.
WeatherClad wood-effect cladding is available in a wide variety of colours and stains plus RAL colours if requested. Minimum order amounts might apply to RAL colour orders.

WeatherClad Guidelines

The following guidelines promote ventilation to reduce the risk of moisture entering the building. WeatherClad should be installed with at least 38 mm of ventilated space behind the planks. Timber battens must have a minimum dimension of 38 mm wide x 38 mm deep with a span no greater than 600 mm. In general, the overlap between planks hides any fixings from view.

WeatherClad Standard Features

WeatherClad can be pre-cut to size for specific applications.
The surface texture is a wood grain.
The product has the following physical properties:

  • Flexural Strength: 7 N/mm
  • Density: 1320 kg/m3

Designed to support flexibility in building envelope style, WeatherClad is offered in a wide variety of colour choices from our own bespoke variety plus BS4800, RAL Classic, RAL Design and the Natural Colour System Bank, with a colour matching service likewise available.
Provided as a wood grained impact slab, where the exterior cladding is meant to provide a conventional timber finish, WeatherClad can also be coated in several types of stains.

WeatherClad Colour Codes and Finish

  • WC01 White
  • WC02 Beige
  • WC03 Grey Brown
  • WC04 Dark Brown
  • WC05 Grey
  • WC06 Grey Green
  • WC07 Cream White
  • WC08 Sand Yellow
  • WC10 Blue Grey
  • WC14 Atlas Brown
  • WC15 Dark Grey
  • WC18 Slate Grey
  • WC50 Black
  • WC51 Silver Grey
  • WC52 Pearl
  • WC54 Pewter
  • WC55 Taupe
  • WC57 Sage Green
  • WC60 Forest Grey
  • WC61 Burnt Red
  • WC62 Violet Blue

WeatherClad Stains

  • Aged Oak
  • Cedar
  • Ebony
  • Pine
  • Rosewood
  • WC104 Light Oak
  • WC105 Dark Oak
  • Extra RAL colours are available on request.
  • We recommend that you consult manufacturer for more information.

Screw Fixings

Screw fixing is advised for the most secure attachment of WeatherClad. Screws should be self-drilling, stainless-steel, wafer head or countersinking with minimum dimensions 4.0 x 45 mm. Screws must not infringe closer than 50 mm to plank edges without pre-drilling. With pre-drilling fixings must be at least 20mm from plank edges. Fixings should be at least 20 mm away from the top of the planks.

Nail Fixings

Nail fixing guidelines are as follows: 2.8 x 50 mm, with 7 mm head. Nails must be at least 50 mm away from plank edges without pre-drilling. With pre-drilling fixings shall be placed no further than 20 mm from plank edges. Fixings should be at least 20 mm away from the top of the planks.

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